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How to Open an Account for Online Banking

Posted in Trailer Vacations, Online Banking on May 1st, 2007

We live in an era where our lives move at a fast pace. Computers are everywhere, and many business transactions can be conducted via a few keystrokes. Many people have taken advantage of online banking, the most convenient, easiest way to pay the bills, shop online, and manage your finances. Have you not yet tapped into this technical goldmine? It’s easy to open an account for online banking.

If you want to open an online bank account, here are some steps that you might find to be useful, either if you want to open an account online or in person. It will only take a few minutes to set up your account. First, you need to choose your bank. If you already have a physical bank account, you’re one step ahead of the game and can bank online via your current account. If not, you have some choices to make. Decide if you want a checking, savings, or money market account. Decide if you’d like to bank with a particular bank or a credit union.

You must also find out which bank has the features that suit your needs. In case you have found one, open an online bank account with them. The second step is going to the bank personally or online. In opening an account online, search for the bank’s website using your browser, the fastest way to locate your branch online. It’s easiest to sign up online rather than in person, and the best news is that you can do this from the comforts of home, at a time that is convenient to you.

But if you would prefer to open a bank account personally, you might as well visit your chosen bank anytime during business hours. The next step is to choose the features that you want. Most banks have a variety of account types, services, and features that you can mix and match. These features may have fancy names that you should learn. Choose the bank that has the right mix of features that suits you.

On the bank’s website, you have to pick from the features that are right for you; you might click on “Open Bank Account” then click on “Checking” and the “Free Checking”. If you are opening an account in person, you can just have a chat with the bank personnel, they will help you in opening an account that is just right for you and meets your needs. Fourth step is giving your information. For you to be able to open an account, you have to provide the bank information regarding yourself, for these banks do not open an account without several details of the client. They are doing this in order to comply with certain regulations and to protect themselves against risks.

You have to give them some simple details about you like; name, birthday, and as well as your identification number like Social Security Number. You may also be required to provide a government ID like your driver’s license number if you have one. If you are opening an account online, just fill up the required fields on the bank’s website and if you are opening an account personally, just hand your IDs over to the bank attendant who will most likely make photocopies of them. The next step is agreeing to their terms, which means signing off on a sheet that you comply with certain rules and regulations. Whenever you open an account, you form a relationship between you and the bank based on a very keen subject which is your money. You have to be aware of what you are getting yourself into. In opening a bank account online, simply click on the “I Agree” or any similar button on the bank’s website.

The sixth step applies only if you are opening an account online. You may have to print, sign and mail a document to your chosen bank before your account is opened. Several banks use an electronic disclosure and consent that legally binds you to them, but more of them are not opening bank accounts without completing this procedure. Until the time they receive the documents needed, your account remains unopened. Once you’ve completed this process, you are the proud owner of an online banking account!

Most banks require their customers to wait for a few weeks, because they have to process your paperwork, after that period they will mail you everything needed for your account like checkbooks, depending on the account that you applied for. It really is a fairly simple process to embrace a valuable means of technology.