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Psychic Phone Readings Are They Worth the Money?

Posted in Psychic Phone Readings on May 4th, 2007

Throughout the course of our lives, each and every one of us will be faced with critical decisions and concerns. The vast majority of these issues tend to fall into two categories: financial and emotional. Should I take the job? Will I ever get out of debt? Should I move to a different area? Will I ever get married? Will I have children someday? These are just a few of the major questions that people look to answer in their own lives. And while most of us turn to family and friends for advice, there are many people who enlist the help of a phone psychic to lead them in the right direction. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at psychic phone readings while trying to answer one very important question – Are they worth the money?

If you have ever been channel surfing late at night, chances are good that you have seen an advertisement for psychic phone readings. These commercials usually claim to answer all of your most pressing questions through the power of tarot, rituals, or spells. And best of all, this information can be yours for the small fee of $9.99 per minute! Ouch. The first thing you should know is that most reputable phone psychics will not charge readings by the minute. This is a classic scam designed to leave you with an exorbitant phone bill. The “psychic” will try to keep you on the phone as long as possible with vague descriptions and murky predictions, all the while cashing in on your naivety. A reputable psychic will give you a fixed rate for a fixed amount of time up front, so there are never any surprises.

O.K., so we have established that you should be paying a fixed rate for any psychic phone readings. But are these types of readings worth the money? Well, it really depends on what you are hoping to gain from such a reading. If you are looking for a concrete black or white answer to your concern, then a psychic phone reading is definitely not worth your time or money. However, if you are looking for guidance to provide you with a starting point, then a phone reading may be beneficial. It is important to remember that the final solution to any problem you may have will be discovered by you alone. While a phone psychic may be able to give you a new perspective or angle in looking at your issue, it is ultimately up to you to control your own destiny.

If you decide to go ahead and have a psychic phone reading, there are a few last tips you should follow. First, you should be able to find a reputable psychic who offers a quality reading (half hour or longer) for less than $100. Second, if you are searching for a psychic online, be sure to do plenty of research regarding their background. Finally, ask the people closest to you (friends, family, and co-workers) if they have ever tried such a service. If they have, ask about their experience and whether they would recommend the psychic they worked with.

Hopefully, this article proved helpful in determining whether a psychic phone reading might be worth the money in your own situation. Always remember – while a psychic phone reading may be of use to you, it will not be able to neatly solve the problem at hand. Only you have that capability. Good luck!